The "God Particle" Sixth Sense HolisticDNA Energy Healing! Physicist Michio Kaku CERN

The "God Particle" Sixth Sense HolisticDNA Energy Healing! Physicist Michio Kaku CERN


HolisticDNA Healing

Where "Science and Faith Collide"

The injured/ill human Mind and Body CAN BE "Healed" instantly with the Limitless Energy of Infinite Intelligence! --   - 

HolisticDNA Energy Healing removes the unexplainable and non-definable "Mystery" of how Energy Healing works, and is based on the belief and likelihood that there is only 1 source of Energy for Healing, 1 way to reach and Channel it, and 1 way for it to work - HolisticDNA Energy Healing addresses these 3 requirements.  

It is based on my own experience that this Energy Source works like a machine, and does not have emotions like you and I do - asking for help is simply not enough -it is up to us to create a systematic way to request the Energy needed for Healing to occur. This is accomplished by communicating with the Energy source in its own "language", and "tapping" into your individual DNA Healing Code for the transfer / channeling of Energy needed to Heal.  

This is exactly what HolisticDNA Energy Healing accomplishes, and why it is "The Ultimate" type of Energy Healing. The process takes all the guess work out of Energy Healing -- follow the sequential steps precisely, and it can work for you. This blueprint / sequential steps needed for Healing I have named "The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript".  It is an instruction manual to activate and use for your benefit, The Sixth Sense.

This type of Wellness -- most would call a "Miracle". A Miracle ( in this case ) is actually a real "event" that known Science struggles to explain. There are no Miracles - everything has a logical and scientific explanation, but with that said, Energy Healing comes as close to a "Miracle" as anything you could imagine.......My Goal is to help you achieve this type of instant relief from your pain and suffering. Picking the best "Guide" (Healer) in addition to choosing the best Type of Energy Healing are 2 of the most important factors that get you far down the road to Wellness..... Steve Meyer and HolisticDNA Energy Healing will do everything possible to help get you there!

Steve MeyerSteve Meyer/ New Thought Energy Healer