The Sixth Sense leads to Enlightenment DNA Healing Code – Hardwired in ALL Humans

As an example of what I mean by “Groundbreaking” info that can be found in the 2012 release of my new book on “The Sixth Sense Activation Sequence” There is a sequence required to communicate with Infinite Intelligence – to gain insight and/or much more complicated yet achievable, HolisticDNA Energy Healing. The sequence is on multiple levels, not just “step by step” like an instruction manual for assembling a piece of furniture. The “Key” sequence has to do with applying known facts, beliefs, and faith (not religious) – if not applied exactly as detailed, the Sixth Sense will remain dormant, and not be “activated”. As an example:

fact – fact – fact – belief – fact – in theory – belief – fact – belief – Faith – fact – fact – fact – Faith

you won’t find this in any existing text, which is why The Sixth Sense is so rarely utilized and hard to confirm. This will allow the Scientific Community to experiment and confirm my claims — remember, just a few decades ago, it was impossible to have a Man walk on the moon. Time for the next impossible to be challenged and confirmed — real

Steve Meyer HolisticDNA

“…there is a power, or First Cause, or an Intelligence, which permeates every atom of matter, and embraces every unit of energy perceptible to man — that this Infinite Intelligence converts acorns into oak trees, causes water to flow downhill in response to the law of gravity, follows night with day, and winter with summer, each maintaining its proper place and relationship to the other.” Napoleon Hill – 1937